I’ve been practising yoga for just over 10 years and I am a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher, training under the amazing Erin Prichard at The Power Yoga Company in London. My classes link dynamic movements and poses to the breath and will build strength and flexibility whilst quietening the mind. I will also throw some yoga philosophy in. The classes can be challenging but I will always offer variations and welcome anyone to the mat. I teach group classes in Tooting and I am always interested to hear from people looking for 1-2-1 classes or just to connect with fellow yogis and yoginis, so feel free to email me.

I am currently finishing a PhD in Geography, which looked at biofuel production in India. On my research trips to India I discovered my true passion lay in yoga and photography and so I am replacing the books for the mat and the camera. However, I see my passion for yoga and my PhD as very much linked; I am interested and concerned in human-environment relations and how to live better lives for oursleves and everyone and everything around us, however that might look.  My yoga practice and teaching are supported by science, research, critical thinking, workshops and reading.

When I’m not on the mat I enjoy a run on Tooting Common, I love a good book and a great coffee, I love to travel, to be outside and all things yoga, photography and India related.

I hope to see you on the mat 🙏

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