Private prenatal sessions

Pregnancy is the perfect time to practice yoga and to take time out for yourself, to nurture your changing body and mind in preparation to nurture your new baby.

Personalised private sessions offer the ideal place to do this, with the attention on you and your body and the classes adapted to what you need, session to session, as your pregnancy develops – this is why I love teaching 1-2-1 classes for a mum-to-be!

Ideal for those completely new to yoga and seasoned practitioners wanting to adapt their practice.


Prenatal yoga builds strength and flexibility and includes poses to alleviate certain discomforts during pregnancy and aid labour.

You will develop a connection to the breath and learn specific breathing techniques to help you feel calmer, more centred and more in control during a busy and challenging time, as well as offering you a tool to draw on in labour.

We will work with the pelvic floor you will learn how to strengthen and soften this area, which is essential for labour and the post natal period.

Home practice of yoga takes motivation and body awareness and my 1-2-1 sessions are also a space to connect to the body, understand the correct alignment and ask questions to help with your own practice at home, if this is something you would like to develop.

I offer tailored 1-2-1 sessions either at your home or at mine, in Tooting. My private prenatal package consists of 4 classes and costs £180. To discuss your needs and working together please call 07875018254 or email me at

Wishing you all the best on your new journey! Rebecca x